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Famous People Born On ToDay- March 23

1 Armaan Kohli Age Armaan Kohli
47 Years
Film ActorIndian
2 Kangana Ranaut Age Kangana Ranaut
33 Years
Film ActressIndian
3 Smriti Irani Age Smriti Irani
43 Years
4 Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Age Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
66 Years
5 Senthil Age Senthil
68 Years
Film ActorIndian
6 Vijay Yesudas Age Vijay Yesudas
40 Years
Playback SingerIndian
7 Hope Davis Age Hope Davis
55 Years
Film ActressAmerican
8 Srikanth Age Srikanth
51 Years
Film ActorIndian
9 Thakur Anoop Singh Age Thakur Anoop Singh
30 Years
Film ActorIndian
10 Catherine Keener Age Catherine Keener
60 Years
Film ActressAmerican
11 Brett Eldredge Age Brett Eldredge
33 Years
12 Michelle Monaghan Age Michelle Monaghan
43 Years
Film ActressAmerican
13 Keri Russell Age Keri Russell
43 Years
Television ActressAmerican
14 Damon Albarn Age Damon Albarn
51 Years
15 Harkishan Singh Surjeet Age Harkishan Singh Surjeet
92 Years
16 Atul Wassan Age Atul Wassan
52 Years
Cricket PlayerIndian
17 Chaka Khan Age Chaka Khan
66 Years
Recording ArtistAmerican
18 Vanessa Morgan Age Vanessa Morgan
27 Years
Television ActressCanadian
19 Karen McDougal Age Karen McDougal
48 Years
20 Gail Porter Age Gail Porter
48 Years
Television PresenterScottish
21 Yasmeen Ghauri Age Yasmeen Ghauri
48 Years
22 Emmy Noether Age Emmy Noether
53 Years
23 Joan Crawford Age Joan Crawford
73 Years
Film ActressAmerican
24 Roger Bannister Age Roger Bannister
88 Years
25 Wernher von Braun Age Wernher von Braun
65 Years
26 Stanley Armour Dunham Age Stanley Armour Dunham
73 Years
Army OfficerAmerican
27 Bharti Shiyal Age Bharti Shiyal
55 Years
28 David Katzenberg Age David Katzenberg
36 Years
Film DirectorEnglish
29 Sonu Age Sonu
29 Years
Film ActressIndian
30 Louise Goffin Age Louise Goffin
59 Years
31 Rockline Venkatesh Age Rockline Venkatesh
56 Years
Film ActorIndian
32 Kyrie Irving Age Kyrie Irving
27 Years
Basketball PlayerAmerican
33 Perez Hilton Age Perez Hilton
41 Years
34 Gordon Hayward Age Gordon Hayward
29 Years
Basketball PlayerAmerican
35 Abigail Cruttenden Age Abigail Cruttenden
51 Years
Television ActressEnglish
36 Bipasha Hayat Age Bipasha Hayat
48 Years
Film ActressBangladeshi
37 Raghuram Age Raghuram
70 Years
38 Wasim Age Wasim
69 Years
Film ActorBangladeshi
39 Ali Hewson Age Ali Hewson
58 Years
40 Chris Henchy Age Chris Henchy
55 Years
41 Madelyn Deutch Age Madelyn Deutch
28 Years
Film ActressAmerican
42 Mehmood Dhaulpuri Age Mehmood Dhaulpuri
56 Years
43 Txunamy Age Txunamy
10 Years Star
44 Kyrie Irving Age Kyrie Irving
27 Years
Basketball Player
45 GamerGirl Age GamerGirl
12 Years
YouTube Star
46 TypicalGamer Age TypicalGamer
27 Years
YouTube Star
47 Vanessa Morgan Age Vanessa Morgan
27 Years
TV Actress
48 Ayesha Curry Age Ayesha Curry
30 Years
TV Show Host
49 Terroriser Age Terroriser
28 Years
YouTube Star
50 Atl Bre Age Atl Bre
17 Years
Instagram Star
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What is Age Calculator?

Age Calculator is nothing but a very needful so many times as well as so many places. So, we have created through our website AgeCalculator.Me as a simple tool which can calculate your age in exact years, days, hours, minutes and seconds accurately. and also you see which celebrity was born on same day (your birthday), We have explained the use of this tool as follow.

How To Use It (AgeCalculator.Me)

you only need to enter your date of birth and click on Age calculator button, It'll return your age in Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Seconds from that day when you have taken birth on this planet. You can also select From Date, This extra feature will calculate your age from specific date, By default from date will be set on Today's date, You can set any date even future date as from date and calculate your future age, This feature will be also helpful when you are filling any government form, Where they ask age from specific date.

What is the use of this Age Calculator Online?

There are following use of this online age calculator tool.

  • When sitting with an Astrologer - I am sure, you must have visited an astrologer at the least once in your life, if not to check it go and visit an astrologer today itself, the first thing he will ask you is “What is your exact age?” In case you do not know it accurately the next statement will come “Giving an estimation of an age can change in results of your query if you want we can calculate it for you though it will cost you an additional amount of money”. Now to escape from calculating your age, you prefer giving him some additional money and know the exact results.
  • When filing a Competitive Exam - Some government exams need exact age to check whether they qualify to appear in the exams or not as some exams have age limitations.
  • At Job Interviews - Some job interviews, especially when you appear in interviews like that of IAS or State administration service a column is mentioned in the form to fill exact age as on __/__/__ wherein you need to mention years, months, days and minutes. They check your ability to calculate and if in case you have such an imaging tool this can do wonders in creating an image.
  • At the time when you are making Matrimony Match - When you go for matrimony match, then also you need to know specific age of yours so that specific match can be made and the result of the match can be obtained for a better prospect of matrimonial purpose.
  • In Court - Even at the court, at the time petition is heard, the exact age of the person filing the case should be known. Our Age number calculator can likewise help you to find out your correct age on a particular date.

There are some moments of life which are special, for example when I will be 62, and I want to know how old was I exactly when I got married, then I can simply use the age calculator and find the respective age in seconds, without being frustrated or via consumption of time. You can find out easily with our age calculator what age did you started your first job, basically, things which excite you after some time and thrills you to amazement that you did made an achievement at a young age wherein others of the same age group were still struggling.

How it is beneficial to you?

  • With the exact age in mind, you can calculate the exact age of retirement and what and which benefits will you get and how well can you plan your family’s future according to that.
  • You can also calculate the best time to invest in what sort of savings as some investment require your age and other parameters.
  • With the accuracy of this calculator, you can also get relaxation as the taxpayer and can make it to the best benefit which you can get at a specific age.
  • You can also discover which popular celebrity has born on same which you share your birthday with them.

Why should you opt for our age calculator online?

You must be thinking why you should only opt for our age calculator when there are many age calculating Softwares/websites/apps available in the market. An answer to this query is as follows;
  • Less Time Consuming - People opt for an app which consumes less time. Where other website takes the time to buffer and store your data, our website hardly takes time and calculates your accurate age in seconds.
  • Accurate - Our website is designed in such a way that the calculation cannot be challenged as the logic and coding had been done with respect to that there is no scope of error left for wrong calculation.
  • User-Friendly - This is the most preferred feature of our website is user-friendly and can be altered as per the requirement of the user. As discussed above the calculation of age can be done accurately to months, days, minutes or even seconds. It is just who needs to decide, up to which level do you want to calculate your age too.

You can also rest assured that the age calculated is accurate and cannot be challenged by anyone.

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