Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr was born on September 15, 1972 in London, England. Jimmy Carr is a Comedian.

Jimmy Carr Age Jimmy Carr
Date Of BirthSeptember 15, 1972
Age49 Years
Birth PlaceLondon, England
Birth SignVirgo
Country England

How old is Jimmy Carr?

Jimmy Carr is 49 Years, 0 Months, 9 Days old. Jimmy Carr was born on Friday and have been alive for 17,906 days, Jimmy Carr next B'Day will be after 11 Months, 21 Days, See detailed result below.

Live Jimmy Carr Birthday Countdown
Jimmy Carr Date Of Birth September 15, 1972 (Friday)
Jimmy Carr Age From DateSeptember 24, 2021 (Friday)
Jimmy Carr Age: 49 Years, 0 Months, 9 Days
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Jimmy Carr Birth Day Of The Week: Friday
Jimmy Carr Age In Months: 588 Months, 9 Days
Jimmy Carr Age In Weeks: 2,558 Weeks
Jimmy Carr Age In Days: 17,906 Days
Jimmy Carr Age In Hours: 429,744 Hours (approx.)
Jimmy Carr Age In Minutes: 25,784,640 Minutes (approx.)
Jimmy Carr Age In Seconds: 1,547,078,400 Seconds (approx.)
Jimmy Carr Next B'Day After: 11 Months, 21 Days
Intresting Facts About Jimmy Carr
Jimmy Carr has taken breaths around:1,160,308,810 times (approx.)
Jimmy Carr heart has beaten around:1,856,494,090 times (approx.)
Jimmy Carr has smiled around:349,177 times (approx.)
Jimmy Carr has slept around:152,211 hours (approx.)
Jimmy Carr has eaten around:39,403 kg (approx.)
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Jimmy Carr Highlights:

  • Jimmy Carr An English-Irish comedian, writer and television presenter.
  • James Carr (musician) An American R&B and soul singer, described as "one of the greatest pure vocalists that deep...
  • Jim Carr A Canadian politician serving as a Minister without Portfolio and a Member of Parliament for...
  • James Carr (Massachusetts politician) James Carr, son of U.S. Congressman Francis Carr, was a member of the United States House of...
  • Jimmy Carr (footballer) A Scottish footballer who played at outside left for Reading and Southampton in the 1920s.
  • J. L. Carr An English novelist, publisher, teacher and eccentric.
  • Jimmy Carr (American football) An American football player who played nine seasons for the Chicago Cardinals, the Philadelphia...
  • James G. Carr James G. Carr is a Senior United States District Judge of the United States District Court for...
  • James W. Carr James W. Carr is an American Educator.
  • James Carr (wrestler) An American wrestler, born in Erie, Pennsylvania, who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics Carr...
  • Jim Carr (education) Jim Carr is vice president of digital media for Media General, Inc., a publicly traded broadcast...

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